Civilian & Tactical Training

Concealed Carry Firearms Safety Training
Fee: $350
This is a New York State mandated course for NYS concealed carry firearms safety training.
40 hr Introduction to Firearms and NYS Penal Law (Article 35)
Fee: $575
This is a New York State mandated course for new guards (most employers will not interview without this course). This course covers many security functions and the use of force. ***Please note: This class is separate from the classes listed below***
Pistol I
Fee: $125
This course covers all the basic firearms nomenclature and handling.
Pistol II
Fee: $125
This course is all live fire and basic Tactical maneuvers. Learn Personal Protection.
Pistol III
Fee: $200
Learn the basics of shooting. You will learn the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and using a pistol safely.
Pistol IV
Fee: $200
This course gets into firing from cover, shooting positions, tactical reloads and gun battle survival.
Pistol V
Fee: $225
This course is all tactics. How to survive in a gun battle. Note: Above courses are all certificate programs. As an individual graduates and meets the criteria for each level, a certificate will be awarded.
Application of the Law (NY SAFE Act)
Fee: $125
This course is designed to help the gun owner understand the complex New York State Firearms Laws.
Tactical Pistol I
Fee: $125
This is a live fire course for the beginner (8 hours). We see how well an officer can make Deadly Force decisions.
Tactical Pistol II
Fee: $125
This is a live fire course for the officer who has been on the job for awhile (8 hours). This is a medium stress course with night shooting and hostage situations.
Tactical Pistol III
Fee: $225
This course is for the well seasoned officer. Intense live fire course with lots of decision making. The use of cover and shooting from automobiles, is just some of what you will master (10 hours).