About Us

S&K Prevention, Inc. is a Comprehensive Training Academy licensed by the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services.

We offer training in all aspects of security to including Armed Security. We also customize security training towards the customer and individual’s needs to include Physical Security Assessments. We offer training packages to assist persons that are currently working and desire a career change.

Everyone’s security needs are different and therefore every class we teach is unique, in that it pertains to the issues the security professional will face in his or her work environment.

NRA certified courses are offered at both the student and instructor level. Some of the classes include, but are not limited to, home safety, basic firearms, personal protection in and out of the home, and Range Safety Officer (see NRA Training page). We teach children to stay away from guns through the Eddy Eagle Program.

For the advanced student, we have a number of Tactical Training courses. Additionally, we provide training in the proper and safe use of Mace and other pepper sprays.

S & K Prevention, Inc. provides courses for the law enforcement community to include H.R. 218.

At S&K, we also teach Arson Investigation and Recognition to law enforcement and fire professionals.

Our instructors have combined backgrounds including 40 years law enforcement, 30 years security, 20 years emergency management and 25 years as investigators.

S&K Prevention, Inc. works closely with private and national companies, and agencies. Some of these include: The NRA, USCCA, International Association of Arson Investigators, Mace Inc., New York State Division of Criminal Justice, and the Bureau of Municipal Police.

We at S&K know that an educated person is a safer person. Our goal is to educate the public and private sector on security operations and the safe handling of firearms

Please feel free to contact us for any prevention needs or to help with special programs.

George T. Sisco
Owner / Instructor / NRA TC

Ron Krosky
Director of Training

Jerry Giunta
Director /Instructor, NRA TC