S & K Prevention, Inc.

A Comprehensive Police, Security Guard & Civilian Firearms Training Academy Serving the Capital District Since 1992

Starting September 1, 2022, NYS is requiring new statewide minimum standards for NYS concealed carry firearm safety training. See calendar for more information.
Minimum Standards for NYS Concealed Carry Firearms Safety Training

Classes Offered:

NRA Classes
Advanced Pistol
Personal Protection
NRA Instructor Levels
NYS Classes
Concealed Carry Safety Training
18hr NYS Firearms Training
8hr Pre-assignment Security
16hr On-the-Job Security
47hr Armed Security Guard
8hr Annual In-Service Security
8hr Annual Firearms Qualifications
Specialty Classes
Taser Training
Law Enforcement Courses
First Aid/AED
40hr Firearm Instruction
Advance Tactical Pistol
Tactical Shotgun
Handcuff Procedures
Tactical Pistol 1-5
Use of Defensive Spray


George T. Sisco
Owner / Instructor / NRA TC

Ron Krosky
Director of Training

Jerry Giunta
Director /Instructor, NRA TC

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